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Kemp’s Extreme Abortion Ban

Despite opposition from a majority of Georgians, Gov. Brian Kemp signed an extreme and dangerous abortion ban into law that makes abortion illegal after six weeks – before many women even know they’re pregnant. 


Just hours after Roe v. Wade was overturned, Kemp rushed to implement what he bragged was the “toughest abortion bill in the country” into law. His extreme ban essentially limits the ability of women seeking an abortion to just two weeks, effectively outlawing “most abortion in Georgia.


Under Kemp’s anti-choice agenda, victims of rape or incest could be forced to give birth — and Kemp has repeatedly stated his opposition to any exceptions for rape or incest in an abortion ban.


Now, prosecutors could file criminal charges against women who get abortions and even target women who miscarry under Kemp’s restrictive law. Doctors are now hesitant to treat miscarriages, worrying they could face criminal investigation.


Kemp has refused to explain how medical emergencies will be handled under his extreme ban on abortion, affirming concerns raised by health care and legal experts about how his dangerous new law – which experts are calling “destabilizing” and “chaotic” – could cause dangerous delays in important care.


Despite warnings from doctors about the danger his extreme law poses to Georgia women and the clear opposition of a majority of Georgians, Kemp doesn’t care — he continues putting his extreme, dangerous anti-choice agenda ahead of women’s health, safety, and freedom.

Vote for Stacey Abrams and Jen Jordan.
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