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Kemp’s Health Care Crisis

As another Georgia hospital closes, the sixth to close under Gov. Brian Kemp, he’s doubling down on his stubborn refusal to expand Medicaid — which prevents billions in federal funds from coming to our state to help support struggling hospitals and which blocks hundreds of thousands of Georgians from accessing affordable health care. 


Kemp remains opposed to Medicaid expansion, instead pushing a restrictive plan that would cover far fewer Georgians, cost more than actual Medicaid expansion during the first year, and lead to tens of thousands of people losing health coverage.


With nine rural hospitals closing since 2010, including two which closed during the pandemic, Georgia ranks sixth in states with most rural hospital closures and is the third worst for rural hospital stability. Nineteen rural hospitals are currently at risk of closing.


Under Kemp, 70% of Georgians report struggling with health care costs and our uninsured rate is the fifth-highest in the country at 12.3%.


Expanding Medicaid will provide health coverage for over 500,000 people, drive down the cost of health care for everyone, provide billions in federal funds to support struggling hospitals, and on top of all that — create over 64,000 good-paying jobs across Georgia.


Thirty-eight states, including many under Republican governors have expanded Medicaid. Earlier this year, Kemp campaigned with former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Mike Pence, who both expanded Medicaid during their terms as governor.


Medicaid expansion is funded by the federal taxes we pay, so that means Kemp’s refusal to expand Medicaid is sending our tax dollars to other states to cover other Americans. So why won’t Brian Kemp do it? Simple: he doesn’t care about Georgians’ health.

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